Turkishexporter.net is a system bringing exporters and importers at the same digital environment. You can promote your products, follow buying leads and reach contact information of buyers.

You can make your products or brands to be reached on search engines easier around the world. Briefly you take your place on one of the biggest e-marketplace of the world.

There are two membership types; active members and passive member. Passive members can only view local and foreign company profiles and see their leads. You cannot see the details of buying leads and contact information of importers.

On the other site you can view buying leads of different sectors with active membership. You can view old-dated leads free provided for paid members. You can reach the leads about your sector via e-mail very fast. Within grant support program of Ministry of Economy you can accept return of 70% membership cost.

You can be a member by clicking: Join Free

Active membership opens the doors of world markets to your company. You extend the customer portfolio by sitting on your chairs. You can also reach various buying leads via e-mail sent to you daily.

Here are the advantages of membership;
  • 70% of membership cost is returned to you under grant support program of Ministry of Economy.
  • 20% of membership cost is deducted as advertising expenses from your corporate.
  • Provides 18% vat deduction.
  • Your advertisements are designed and published without any charge on our website on where1.5 million foreign users are registered as member.
  • Information about your products are on the top of search engines like Google, Yahoo, Yandex.
  • Buying leads you follow are sent to your e-mail box daily. Thus you can contact directly to importers.
  • You can view old-dated buying leads with credits you have.
  • Your company profiles and products are published in Arabic, English, Russian languages on our website.
  • The members of Turkishexporter.net are presented with “Active Web” application. Your products get through to different markets in the world via four-language “Active Webs”.
According to membership type the credit amount is defined for company by the system. The companies who are paid memberships are given credits by their membership fees. You can see all buying leads in different sectors or old-dated leads with this credit. The value of credit varies according to leads.

They are foreign leads which are sent by e-mail to premium members daily prepared by KOBI A.S. Center for Development of Foreign Trade.

  • The bulletins include only foreign buying leads.
  • The leads contain all details about product, (if available) type of delivery and form of payment with contact details of company.
  • The bulletin is separated to 25 different sectors and for every bulletin there are different memberships.
  • The bulletins have been published every day for 13 years. (Except for official holidays, Saturdays and Sundays).
  • It is published daily and includes daily leads (daily and daily 7).
  • It includes product details, buyer name and contact information like phone, fax numbers, e-mail, web address etc. which are given by buyer.
  • It is prepared for every single sector separately and involves leads of that sector only.
  • KOBI Export Bulletins involve product and service leads suited for Turkey.
  • They reduce the time of spending many hours for foreign trade department provide concentrated leads and smooth the way for them which is run by generally one person.
  • The leads prepared and edited by our expert team which may be you will never get access are provided for you; thus they make you get into new countries and market by exchanging letters in a very short time.

On our website thousands of leads are published from hundreds of points in the world. When you plan to create a market about your sector and export you can find related leads easily by being a member. The leads are sent you via mail. Furthermore you can also follow off sector leads.

On our website daily and real leads are published. These leads are added by 1.5 million registered foreign users.

Every visitor of our website can see lead topics. Only active users having credits can see details of the lead and contact information.

200-250 leads average per day are added by 1.5 million registered foreign users. The size of these leads are about 5 billion dollars yearly.