They are foreign leads which are sent by e-mail to premium members daily prepared by KOBI A.S. Center for Development of Foreign Trade.

  • The bulletins include only foreign buying leads
  • The leads contain all details about product, (if available) type of delivery and form of payment with contact details of company.
  • The bulletin is separated to 25 different sectors and for every bulletin there are different memberships.
  • The bulletins have been published every day for 13 years. (Except for official holidays, Saturdays and Sundays)
  • It is published daily and includes daily leads (daily and daily 7).
  • It includes product details, buyer name and contact information like phone, fax numbers, e-mail, web address etc. which are given by buyer.
  • It is prepared for every single sector separately and involves leads of that sector only.
  • KOBI Export Bulletins involve product and service leads suited for Turkey.
  • They reduce the time of spending many hours for foreign trade department provide concentrated leads and smooth the way for them which is run by generally one person
  • The leads prepared and edited by our expert team which may be you will never get access are provided for you; thus they make you get into new countries and market by exchanging letters in a very short time.

Sectoral Bulletins are daily bulletins sent via e-mail which are posted by foreign importers at 25 main sectors listed below.

Sectoral Bulletins are published as export bulletins by KOBI A.S. at 25 sectors. Bulletins are listed below. In these bulletins only foreign leads are published.

  • 01-General Products Bulletin
  • 02-Textile Bulletin
  • 03-Leather Shoes Bulletin
  • 04-Automotive Bulletin
  • 05-Iron Steel Metal Casting Bulletin
  • 06-Stationery – Office Materials Bulletin
  • 07-Machines Bulletin
  • 08-Foodstuff Agriculture Livestock Bulletin
  • 09-Chemistry - Chemical Products Bulletin
  • 10-Industrial Products Bulletin
  • 11-Medical Products Medicine Healthcare Products Bulletin
  • 12-Furniture Wooden Forest Products Bulletin
  • 13-Packaging Paper Printworks Bulletin
  • 14-Construction and Building Materials Bulletin
  • 15-Electrical Materials Bulletin
  • 16-Small House Appliances and White Appliances Bulletin
  • 17-Cleaning Cosmetic Hygiene Products and Supplies Bulletin
  • 18-Kitchen Industrial Kitchen and Supplies Bulletin
  • 19-Gold Jewelry Jewel Products Bulletin
  • 20-Metallurgy Marble Products Bulletin
  • 21-Promotion Giftware Bulletin
  • 22-Plastic and Plastic Products Bulletin
  • 23-Security Defense Industry Products Bulletin
  • 24-Heating Cooling Industry Bulletin

Our Data Bank is found at this link:Data Bank